Is your web-site a powerful earning capacity? If you work with us, you will always answer “Yes” for this question. It's easy to draw a regular web-site's income with us.

We are ready to provide:

  • A lot of
    advertising proposals
  • An opportunity to administrate
    advertising campaigns on one's own account
  • Assistance in all problems
  • Variety of placement
  • And all things that can facilitate cooperation with us and make it more efficient

If you place advertisements by our network, you will receive interested in your goods (services) audience. Because of Internet traffic dividing into different topics, you will receive your target buyer on the web-site.

Website's topics of our network: women's magazine, gastronomy, esoterism, health, for mums, online dating, music and movie. You will pay only per real visitor, who has come from advertisement!

Vast opportunities of advertising campaign tuning (by topics, advertising forms, geo targeting). Detailed statistics for all advertising campaigns!

Advertiser rate: Advertising network Thor Media charges as per clicks as per banner impression in view of a selected rate. Cost of banner impression is calculated for each website individually! In your account you can calculate effectiveness of each website, see your expenditure and turn not applicable website off.

Logging in and account credit.

Creation of advertising campaign and teasers.

Cost and extra charges.

Estimate of websites. Black-lists.

It is absolutely new way of profit-making. This way allows to increase revenue and to reduce system’s fee. We offer you an expand webmaster’s account, where you can appear as an advertiser. Only you know your website better than anybody else. You can advertise on your own account and advertisements are based on highly specialized website’s topic and preferences of targeted audience.

Just your advertisement can be on target, so it will have dominant position in the system’s airtime and increase your profits. All system's partners get paid all, that they have earned!