Common questions

To publisher


  1. When is payment?
  2. Payment is on each Thursday.

  3. What is a minimal payment?
  4. Minimal payment is about 15 rubles.

  5. How can I be paid out-of-schedule?
  6. First you need to address to a manager of our advertising network, after all you will be paid by your request.

Logging in:

  1. What are the web-site specifications to work in your advertising network?
  2. The main specification is to have minimum a 1 000 visitors in a day. The rest specifications are on our web-site.

  3. How long is a moderation of websites?
  4. We moderate websites everyday during the business hours.

  5. My web-site hasn't been moderated by one of the named reasons, but the situation is corrected. Can I try again?
  6. Yes, you can. You can try to be moderated again or to write to your manager with a request of second examine an application.


  1. How to add a teaser?
  2. First you need to log in your account, then to choose an offer and finally to set a teaser to a chosen offer.

  3. Why are my teaser more clickable than each ones, that your system offers?
  4. Your teasers are unique, individual and arranged by theme of your web-site or your article, so it will influence on the click increasing and increase of income rateably.

  5. How to see a statistics?
  6. You can see a statistics in your account.

  7. Can my teasers be places on the other web-sites too?
  8. No, they can't be. Because only an owner of the account can place the teasers.